Updates on political prosecution against WTO Protestors

21 March, 2006
Today, the hearing, in relation to the political prosecution against WTO protestors, was ended after all the witnesses finished the testimonies and the final submission by both prosecutor and defending lawyer.

The two protestors, Yun Il Kwon and Park In Hwan, were charges for unlawful assembly. After the consideration of the evidence provided by the prosecutor, the Judge declared that Park had no case to answer and released immediately. And the ruling for Yun's case will be offered on 30th March, 9:30 am in Fanling Law Court.

Since the first moment when the police carried put the mass arrest of over 1000 protestors, and then selectively prosecuted 14 among them, until most of them were dropped charged because of lack of evidence, the whole process showed that there was a serious problem of arbitrary arrest of protestors. And we believe that Yun will be released like Park very soon, because he is innocent.

Korean Peasants League (KPL) and the members are very grateful to Hong Kong citizens for their supports and concerns. During the coming ruling, the leadership of KPL and Park In Hwan will also come to Hong Kong and support the members.

Our struggle against World Trade Organization (WTO) will not be ends with the court case. We will struggle until we junk the WTO, for Korean peasants, for peasants all over the world, for the suppressed people and for Justice!