4th Ministerial, Doha 2001

WTO deals pose global threat: report

5 December, 2005
With only days left before the World Trade Organization holds its sixth ministerial meeting in Hong Kong, a new report claims that the agreements reached at these trade negotiations pose a threat to people and their environment around the world.

ASEAN alternative services proposal

4 December, 2005
ASEAN (fve members) alternative proposal to the Services Annex C for the draft ministerial text

Intense activity as General Council debates Hong Kong text

4 December, 2005
WTO members were engaging in intense informal negotiations anddiscussions on Friday, 2 December focused on how to respondto the revised draft Ministerial text to be transmitted to the WTO'sHong Kong Ministerial Conference starting 13 December.

Keeping Hong Kong On Line

4 December, 2005
Trade ministers of the United States, the European Union, Brazil, India, Japan and Australia meeting here on Saturday in an informal session hosted by the United States agreed broadly on what can be delivered in next week's Hong Kong trade conference for least-developed countries

EU Proposed Language for NAMA from Green Room Meetings

4 December, 2005
a link to an EU non-paper which proposes language for NAMA. The non-paper was floated in the green rooms and widely rejected.

United Kingdom recommends radical reform of CAP over next 10 to 15 years - Lively reactions from Commissioners Fischler Boel and Mandelson

4 December, 2005
Ten days off the ministerial meeting of the WTO in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, on 2 December, published a document proposing a radical reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Developing countries voice concerns on Hong Kong draft at TNC

4 December, 2005
A range of developing countries voiced their concerns over the draftHong Kong Ministerial text at a meeting of the Trade NegotiationsCommittee

The Doha Deception Round: a recipe for unemployment

4 December, 2005
No matter what kind of deal is patched together in Hong Kong, the fundamental rules of the WTO are a recipe for job destruction.

Revised Hong Kong draft retains services text and Annex

4 December, 2005
while it attempts to capture the main elements of the state of playof agriculture and NAMA in general terms, the revised draft does not alter the first draft, issued on 26 November, in any fundamental manner.

300 'troublemakers' on official blacklist

3 December, 2005
As many as 300 militant protesters due to fly in for this month's WTO ministerial meeting have been put on an official blacklist and will be denied entry into Hong Kong, security sources have revealed.

Another Ministerial Draft

1 December, 2005
A revised draft ministerial text for this month's World Trade Organization's sixth ministerial conference in Hong Kong was circulated to members yesterday, including new language on 'parallel elimination' of all forms of export subsidies and bracketed language on an 'early harvest' of trade-related measures for four West African cotton producing countries

Second draft Ministerial Text out

1 December, 2005
The second draft Ministerial Text that was submitted to WTO Members this evening

US Strategy for The Final Days

1 December, 2005
In the remaining days before the World Trade Organization's Hong Kong trade ministerial conference, the United States aims to keep the focus on agriculture especially the market access pillar which lies at the heart of the four year old trade negotiations

EU 'non-paper' response to draft Ministerial Text

1 December, 2005
The 'EU Non-paper' that the EC floated in a green room meeting early this week as a response to the November 26 Draft Ministerial Text.

Lamy, NGOs in open battle before Hong Kong Ministerial

30 November, 2005
Trade unions and civil society organizations presented a detailed letter to World Trade Organization (WTO) Director General Pascal Lamy on Wednesday explaining how the WTO services negotiations have been undemocratic and undermining the consensus mode of decision-making.