6th Ministerial, Hong Kong 2005

UNCTAD XII: Hit or Miss?

19 March, 2008
In 2008, the United Nations (UN) has chosen to hold its major trade and development conference in Africa. Ministers from all around the world will meet in Accra, the capital of Ghana, starting April 20. In addition to ministers, a crowd of 4,000 international civil servants, civil society activists, business representatives, and journalists is expected to descend on the usually discrete West African capital.

U.N. body eyes trade talks as recession fears grow

17 March, 2008
Developing countries should push for a compromise deal in the six-year-old effort to revamp free trade rules and help restore the global economy's health, a United Nations official said on Tuesday.

''Divide and Rule'' Manoeuvre Planned for WTO Doha Round?

24 January, 2008
Process issues have once again risen to the fore in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as members brace themselves for the release of a new set of negotiating texts for agricultural and industrial tariff liberalisation at the end of this month or early February.

US accuses Doha dissidents

5 September, 2007
The US has accused South Africa, Argentina, India and Brazil of jeopardising the Doha round of world trade talks by thwarting fresh efforts to reach a deal on cuts to agricultural and industrial tariffs.

WTO negotiations resume after summer break

5 September, 2007
Straight after its one-month summer break, negotiations resumed this afternoon at the World Trade Organisation at the start of a last big effort to conclude the 'modalities' of agriculture and non-agricultural market access (NAMA) by the end of September or the beginning of October and thus save the Doha Round from a lengthy period of inactivity.

US ready to talk tough to get Apec deal

2 September, 2007
President George W. Bush will seek to breathe fresh life into the stalled Doha round of international trade negotiations during the annual summit of Pacific Rim nations in Sydney this week.

Demand for white paper on WTO gains and losses

29 August, 2007
A national consultation on

US Farm Bill is a "setback" for Doha negotiations

23 August, 2007
The United States' 2007 Farm Bill, which has been passed by the House of Representatives and will next be considered by the Senate, is likely to be a stumbling block in the negotiations to finalise the "modalities" in agriculture, when the World Trade Organisation resumes its work in early September.

India’s concerns addressed at Doha talks, says WTO DDG

12 August, 2007
India's main areas of concern have been largely addressed at the ongoing Doha Round as trade negotiations enter the last phase with reasonably good prospects for a successful conclusion, Harsha Vardhana Singh, deputy director-general, World Trade Organisation (WTO), said here on Monday.

"Doha is dead", time to rethink a new model of trade

25 July, 2007
Over ninety civil society organizations from all over the world have sent a letter to their Trade Ministers, calling on them to acknowledge the failure of the Doha Round and to institute a two-year moratorium to provide the time and space necessary to rethink the model and process of global trade negotiations.

India guarded over fresh WTO draft

20 July, 2007
New Delhi, Jul 20 The fresh WTO proposals for industrial tariffs and agricultural subsidies drew guarded response from India on Friday. While terming the revised blueprints for a final deal

Rich nations get off easy in WTO draft - aid groups

17 July, 2007
GENEVA, July 18 (Reuters) - Poor-country advocates on Thursday accused global trade talk mediators of treating Europe and the United States with kid gloves in proposals meant to broker consensus toward a new World Trade Organisation pact.

Groups urge US Congress to refuse new Fast Track authority

24 April, 2007
More than 240 national and international groups representing religious, civil rights, environmental, farm, health, development and labour interests have come out in opposition to the grant of any new Fast Track trade authority for the WTO negotiations by the US Congress, and urged Congress to resist pressure by US corporate giants and other WTO proponents to renew this authority.

Doha talks to "return" to WTO's multilateral forum

23 April, 2007
WTO members agreed on Friday 20 April to turn to multilateral negotiations at the WTO itself in Geneva as the central method to try and achieve a breakthrough in the organisation's troubled Doha talks.

As a WTO deadline expires, new deadlines are bandied around

17 April, 2007
On 1 April, the deadline for American President George W Bush to inform the US Congress of his intention to sign trade agreements under his present fast-track authority expired. He was unable to send any such intention regarding the World Trade Organisation's Doha negotiations.