4th Ministerial, Doha 2001

Call to Indian Government: No WTO-Doha compromise

18 June, 2009
Date: 18 June, 2009 Dear Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh, As the newly formed UPA coalition government is just settling in to govern for the next five years, there is news that Commerce Minister Anand Sharma is already on his way to the United States (US) to bilaterally iron out differences to seal the trade deal that was launched during the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) 4th Ministerial Meeting in Doha. At stake in these trade negotiations are hundreds of millions of livelihoods in the farming and non-agriculture sectors that India has fought hard to preserve over the past eight years since the launch of the Doha Development Round.

ALL WTO protestors leave Hong Kong free of charge!

30 March, 2006
It has been well over 3 months since the final day of the WTO's MC6 here in Hong Kong. However, for those of us on the street voicing our opposition to the WTO, our struggle in Hong Kong did not finish with the end of the conference.

Hong Kong Court Acquits Last WTO Protester

29 March, 2006
A Hong Kong court has acquitted the last of 14 anti-globalization protesters accused of attacking police during the World Trade Organization meetings in the city last year.

'Deadline for completing the Doha Round likely to be met' says Harshvardhan Singh, Deputy DG, WTO

26 March, 2006
After the Hong Kong ministerial meet of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) last December, not much progress seems to have been made in key areas of the ongoing negotiations. The recent meeting of the G-6 countries, including India, was not very productive.

Updates on political prosecution against WTO Protestors

21 March, 2006
Today, the hearing, in relation to the political prosecution against WTO protestors, was ended after all the witnesses finished the testimonies and the final submission by both prosecutor and defending lawyer.

36 cases show growing biopiracy in Africa

13 March, 2006
A recent report detailing 36 cases of bio-piracy in Africa has been creating ripples at international meetings negotiating a fair deal for developing countries to benefit from their genetic resources and traditional knowledge.

Hong Kong campaign: A victory for the farmers? movement

15 January, 2006
More than three weeks after the end of the VI ministerial conference, people were still organising marches protesting against the WTO.

Cheers as 11 WTO protestors go free

11 January, 2006
Charges have been dropped against 11 of 14 people arrested as a result of clashes during the World Trade Organization meeting in Wan Chai last month.

Rassemblement devant l'OMC pour les manifestants interpell?s ? Hong Kong

11 January, 2006
Une trentaine d'altermondialistes ont manifest

Hong Kong trial: 3 Anti-WTO protestors remained charged, 11 released and millions of farmers prisoners of the WTO policies

10 January, 2006
Press Release: La Via Campesina welcomes the release of 11 anti-WTO protestors today by the Kwun Tong Court in Hong Kong. However two members of the Korean Peasants League and one member of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions are still charged with unlawful and unrightful assembly following the December 17 protest organised by La Via Campesina against the WTO Ministerial Conference.

11 Released as Hong Kong Civil Society and Global Movements Pressure HK Government

10 January, 2006
At a police hearing on Jan 18, the Hong Kong government dropped charges against 11 of the 14 individuals it had detained in connection with the protests at the World Trade Organization Ministerial in mid-December. However, charges of unlawful assembly and unauthorized assembly have been formally made against three of the detainees: Kyung Kyu Yang, a vice president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), and In Hwan Park and Il Kwon Yoon of the Korean Peasants

Farmers, Trade Unions and NGOs Demand the Release of WTO Protestors on Hunger Strike in Hong Kong

9 January, 2006
Press Release: Representatives from farmer organisations, trade unions and civil society gathered in front of the WTO today to demand the release of WTO protestors. 12 of the 14 protestors are on hunger strike to highlight the injustice of their case and to protest against the WTO.

Final copy of WTO 6th Ministerial Conference Declaration

9 January, 2006
For download is the final Hong Kong Declaration adopted on the last day of the ministerial conference.

Status of W.T.O. Protesters Is Thorny Issue in Hong Kong

8 January, 2006
The prosecution of 14 people here following a violent demonstration at the World Trade Organization conference last month is turning into a contentious and diplomatically sticky issue for the governments of Hong Kong, China and South Korea.