WTO Process Issues

Statements and analysis from civil society

Global unions statement to the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC12). (14 June 2022)

Proposed WTO reform aims to bully developing nations: Civil society members. (Himanshu N, Down To Earth, 13 June 2022)

WTO: DG espouses reforms based on Northern priorities inimical to South. (D. Ravi Kanth, 29 April 2022)

South must ensure no "take-it-or-leave-it" decisions at MC12, by D. Ravi Kanth. (27 April 2022)

Looking towards WTO MC12: What’s on the table for developing countries and LDCs? English, Spanish, French. (Kinda Mohamadieh and Ranja Sengupta, April 2022)

LDCs mustn’t be burdened with onerous WTO accession commitments. (D. Ravi Kanth, 21 January 2022)

WHAT’S COOKING FOR MC12? Two processes that could reshape the WTO in the interest of the most powerful: English, Spanish. (14 November 2021)

Substantive and legal implications of the JSIs for development and strengthening the multilateral trading system (Civil Society Event at the WTO Public Forum, 1 October 2021)

Global Civil Society Calls for a WTO Turnaround: New Multilateral Trade Rules for People-Centered Shared Prosperity and Sustainable Development (2021): English, Spanish, French. (27 September 2021)

Why the Joint Statement Initiatives Lack Legal Legitimacy in the WTO, by Law Professor Jane Kelsey, a rebuttal to a previous document by Hamid Mamdouh, “Plurilateral Negotiations and Outcomes in the WTO.” Resumen en español. (22 June 2021)

Over 200 organizations from 67 countries say: “Fundamentally transform the WTO: The WTO’s own policies have caused its existential crisis, which the COVID-19 crisis only amplified”: English, Spanish, French. (CSO letter, 28 April 2021)

Letter to WTO Director General from members of Our World Is Not for Sale. (26 April 2021)

Letter from 400 organizations from more than 150 countries to WTO Members: Stop all trade and investment treaty negotiations during the COVID-19 outbreak and refocus on access to medical supplies and saving lives: English, Spanish, French. (30 April 2020)

Call to halt fisheries subsidies negotiations in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis: English, Spanish, French.
(1 April 2020)

As WTO dispute settlement system collapses, civil society calls attention to need for fundamental change in global trade. (9 December 2019)

30 November 2017: In an unprecedented action, the Argentine government has revoked the accreditation of 63 civil society experts — trade unionists, development advocates, digital rights activists, environmentalists, and others — just days before the 11th Ministerial meeting of the WTO (MC11) in Buenos Aires, advising the WTO that the experts will not be allowed in the country to participate in the meeting. The majority of the rejected organizations work together through the global Our World Is Not for Sale (OWINFS) network.

Letter from Global Civil Society about the Agenda of the WTO: English, Spanish, French, Greek. (9 October 2017)

Global Civil Society letter on the Nairobi Ministerial of the World Trade Organization (WTO): English, Spanish, French. (9 December 2015)

WTO Turnaround 2013: Food, Jobs and Sustainable Development First – Statement: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese. (28 October 2013)

Updates on the negotiations

Trade: WTO DG expects two out of five possible outcomes at MC12. (D. Ravi Kanth, 10 June 2022)

WTO: DG’s alleged “pressure tactics” to push through decisions at MC12. (D. Ravi Kanth, 9 June 2022)

Is WTO's MC12 paving the way for new trade negotiations?, by D. Ravi Kanth. (28 October 2021)

Danger of WTO's Doha MC4 in 2001 repeating itself at MC12 in 2021, by D. Ravi Kanth. (26 October 2021)

Battle shifts to WTO on "take-it-or-leave-it" agreements at MC12, by D. Ravi Kanth. (14 October 2021)

WTO DG delivers mixed signals for MC12, by D. Ravi Kanth. (7 October 2021)

US calls for post-MC12 action plan while Doha issues are marginalized, by TWN. (27 September 2021)

Concerns voiced over possible "rigged" decisions at MC12, by D. Ravi Kanth. (14 September 2021)

Members remain divided on MC12 issues at WTO General Council meet, by D. Ravi Kanth. (30 July 2021)

Differences on deliverables for WTO's 12th ministerial conference, by D. Ravi Kanth. (5 May 2021)

WTO DG indifferent to Doha TNC mandate?, by D. Ravi Kanth. (4 May 2021)

CSOs call for transformation of WTO that "puts people first", by D. Ravi Kanth. (4 May 2021)

UNCTAD calls for new development pathways in reform of WTO, by D. Ravi Kanth. (30 April 2021)

UNCTAD Paper:  Reforming international trading system for recovery, resilience & inclusive development. (30 April 2021)

Several WTO members oppose hybrid negotiating sessions at MC12, by D. Ravi Kanth. (1 April 2021)

Updated TWN Briefing paper on International negotiations by virtual means in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. (24 March 2021)

Proponents fail to respond to challenge over legal status of JSIs, by D. Ravi Kanth. (4 March 2021)

US to work with DG and like-minded members on WTO reform, by D. Ravi Kanth. (3 March 2021)

New WTO DG delivers "divisive" trade agenda at GC meeting, by D. Ravi Kanth. (2 March 2021)

JSIs will erode WTO's multilateral rules-based architecture, by D. Ravi Kanth. (24 February 2021)

UNCTAD cautions against JSI e-commerce negotiations at WTO, by D. Ravi Kanth. (18 February 2021)

New WTO Director-General leans towards Northern trade agenda, by D. Ravi Kanth. (17 February 2021)

COVID-19 straw breaks free trade camel's back. (21 May 2020)

The insanity of business-as-usual trade negotiations: While most nations are focused on coping with Covid-19 and its aftermath, some rich countries are pushing binding WTO rules. (7 May 2020)

The WTO 20 years after the ‘battle of Seattle’. (29 November 2019)

Looking back on the 1999 protests in Seattle. (nwLaborPress.org article, 15 November 2019)

Previous work

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