"Mini-Ministerial Meeting Should Change WTO Tack on Food"

3 September, 2009
A group of 125 non-governmental organisations from 50 countries is calling on the governments participating in the mini-ministerial trade talks in India over the next two days to reject the further liberalisation of food and rather promote policies that will achieve food security and rural development and safeguard farmers’ livelihoods. The organisations, of which 13 are in Africa, argue in a letter to the 36 countries attending the mini-ministerial meeting that the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) policies have resulted in "a failed global agricultural system including extremely volatile commodities markets, a lack of global access to nutritious and affordable food, an increase in hunger, and the erosion of farmers’ incomes.

Call to Indian Government: No WTO-Doha compromise

18 June, 2009
Date: 18 June, 2009 Dear Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh, As the newly formed UPA coalition government is just settling in to govern for the next five years, there is news that Commerce Minister Anand Sharma is already on his way to the United States (US) to bilaterally iron out differences to seal the trade deal that was launched during the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) 4th Ministerial Meeting in Doha. At stake in these trade negotiations are hundreds of millions of livelihoods in the farming and non-agriculture sectors that India has fought hard to preserve over the past eight years since the launch of the Doha Development Round.

US pressure on Indian Cabinet formation?

16 June, 2009
There is a rather odd interview Anand Sharma has given to Reuters. He is off to Washington and the interview comes just before the visit. Part of the interview is about India being keen to break the deadlock in WTO negotiations.

India committed to successful conclusion of Doha process: Anand Sharma

8 June, 2009
In his special address to the Cairns group, in Bali today, Shri Anand Sharma, Union Minister of Commerce and Industry has reiterated the Indian commitment to the successful conclusion of the Doha process through a constructive engagement.

Victory for BIOWATCH in Landmark Legal Case

3 June, 2009
Constitutional Court Justice Albie Sachs today handed down judgment in the Biowatch case. Calling the case “a matter of great interest to the legal profession, the general public, and bodies concerned with public interest litigation”, Justice Sachs set aside the costs order awarded against Biowatch in favour of Monsanto and further awarded legal costs in the High Court hearings in favour of Biowatch and against the state. The bench of eleven judges was unanimous in its decision.

WTO to attend Cairns Group

1 June, 2009
WTO chief Pascal Lamy (left) will attend a meeting in Bali next week as part of attempts to restart global trade talks

Lamy Cites Need for Two-Track Approach For Concluding Doha Round of Trade Talks

27 May, 2009
World Trade Organization director-general Pascal Lamy said May 26 that WTO members should consider a two-track approach towards concluding the troubled Doha Round of trade talks, an idea already floated by the United States for breaking the deadlock in the negotiations.

New Report: Europe and U.S. bear special responsibility for food crisis

19 May, 2009
Key steps identified to shift course and create a just and sustainable global food system

International trade helps solve food crisis: WTO

11 May, 2009
GENEVA (Reuters) - International trade is part of the solution to the global food crisis and not one of its causes, the head of the World Trade Organization said on Sunday.

Agriculture Chair to prepare "challenge" paper at end of week

23 April, 2007
The chair of the WTO’s Doha agriculture negotiations, Ambassador Crawford Falconer of New Zealand, said Friday that he would be preparing a provocative "challenge" paper at the end of next week that would be a precursor to a revised draft of an agriculture text.

Farmers, CSOs reject accord

18 April, 2007
Over 100 farmers and civil society organisations on Wednesday signed a memorandum rejecting the potential agreement by the Cairns Group and termed it anti-farmer and anti-Pakistan.

Farmers hold protest against WTO regime

17 April, 2007
Farmers here on Tuesday took out a protest procession against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) regime, terming it lethal for the farming sector in poor countries.

Bipartisan Majority of U.S. Senate Cautions Bush Against New Concessions in WTO Talks

16 April, 2007
A bipartisan majority of U.S. senators called on President Bush April 16 to oppose any further concessions in the World Trade Organization agriculture negotiations, saying that other WTO members have still not done enough in terms of offering enhanced market access for U.S. farm products.

Opening up of Indian imports market may prove fatal for farmers and food security

15 April, 2007
The suggestion of the developed world that India should open up its market for imports is likely to prove fatal for farmers and food security. US trade representative Susan Schwab in the last week urged India to open up its markets for imports, as it would help in its effort to contain the rising trend in prices.

India under pressure on special products

13 April, 2007
Pressures are mounting on India to play an effective role in resolving the issue of Special Products (SPs) and Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) in a way which would not hinder market access for developed countries.

New Pakistan Communication on Special Products

10 April, 2007
The Pakistan communication attempts to 'narrow the gaps' between the G33 negotiating position and other countries positions on Special Products, in particular Thailand's position on SPs.

USDA Proposal Falls Short for Farmers: Offer Fails to Improve Protection Against Natural Disasters or Policy Failures

10 April, 2007
A Farm Bill proposal pushed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) could weaken protections for farmers from natural disasters, according to a new analysis by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP).

South countries voices concerns over Northern subsidies to cotton

29 March, 2007
The Group of 20 (G20) developing countries at the WTO said Thursday that trade-distorting subsidies from the developed countries are at the root of the critical situation of cotton for developing countries, and is one of the major inequalities in international agricultural trade.

Key Congressional Democrats against TRIPS-plus in FTAs

29 March, 2007
Twelve influential members of the United States Congress, in a letter to US Trade Representative Susan Schwab, have urged the 'immediate reconsideration' of certain TRIPS plus provisions in US Free Trade Agreements so as to ensure adherence to the World Trade Organization's 2001 Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health.

African cotton farmers being hit by subsidies and privatization

29 March, 2007
Poor cotton farmers in West Africa are facing new pressures from low commodity prices and from privatization programs being advocated by international donors such as the World Bank, the international aid agency Oxfam warned Thursday.