Agriculture Talks At The WTO Empty On Development

3 July, 2003
Last week, the Agriculture Committee met in the WTO to see if the current deadlock on all aspects of the agreement on agriculture (AoA) can be bridged.

Members Stick To Their Positions In WTO Agriculture Special Session

2 July, 2003
The European Union agriculture ministers last week agreed on measures for reform of their common agriculture policy.

MEPs Move Towards Lifting of GMO Moratorium

30 June, 2003
The laws set out stringent requirements for labelling GM products, reflecting the view held by the European Commission that the GM issue is one of consumer choice and not of food safety.

Northern Agriculture Subsidies Attacked At Ecosoc High Lebvel Session

29 June, 2003
The 'evil' generated by this misdirected welfare policy affects poor-country farmers who are financing the social welfare doled out to rich-country farmers, according to Ricupero.

Activists Say U.S. Manipulating Meet to Promote GM Food

22 June, 2003
'It is a myth that science and technology play a critical role in reducing hunger in developing countries. The claim that we must accept genetically engineered foods if we are to feed the poor in the Third World is simply 'poorwashing',' -Anuradha Mittal

On Eve of USDA Sacramento Biotech Ministerial, African Voices Counter Bush Claims About GMOs and African Hunger

5 April, 2003
African groups condemn Bush administration's WTO Challenge of European GMO policies, stating GMOs not answer to African hunger.

GM Labelling Regime Unhelpful In US Row

6 February, 2003
'With no proven risk to human health from GM products the USA argues that such labelling will be a disguised form of trade protection,' UK liberal Chris Davies said.

Indian Farmers Oppose Peace Clause on G 33 Proposal in WTO and Call for Permanent Solution

Alarmed over mounting international pressure and the “take it or leave it” interim text on the peace clause solution on the G-33 proposal being considered for the 9th World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference (MC9), 3-6 December 2013, Indian Farmers has called on the Government of India to reject the current PC proposal and demanded a permanent solution to protect farmers’ livelihoods and access to food for all.

WTO Turnaround 2013: Food, Jobs and Sustainable Development First – Statement

After many failed Ministerial meetings and nearly twelve years of negotiations, the Doha Round of WTO expansion is at a crossroads. Developed countries have pushed aside agreements to negotiate on key developing country issues intended to correct the imbalances within the existing WTO, which formed the basis of the development mandate of Doha. Even worse, developed countries appear to be re-packaging the same liberalization and market access demands of their corporate interests to create a “new trade narrative” towards gaining agreements at the upcoming 9th Ministerial in Bali. In this statement with specific demands Our World Is Not for Sale (OWINFS) network asserts that in addition to a long-term transformation of the global trade and economic architecture, immediate changes must be made to WTO in order to provide countries more policy space to pursue a positive agenda for development and job-creation, food security, sustainable development, access to affordable healthcare and medicines, and global financial stability.