Appellate body issues report on rice dispute

28 November, 2005
The Appellate Body issued its Report regarding the complaint of the United States against Mexico

Some critical points on WTO agriculture negotiations

24 November, 2005
Agriculture is once again proving to be the determinant of results in the GATT/WTO negotiations. In December 1987, it caused the collapse of the Montreal Mid-term Review of the Uruguay Round negotiations. Then at the end of that round, the results could be consolidated only after the two major developed countries had an agreement in this area in what was called the Blair House accord.

?Asymmetry? in Doha Reports

24 November, 2005
With submission of 'situational' reports to the World Trade Organization Trade Negotiations Committee on the various negotiations in the Doha Development Agenda now submitted, the stage is set for a showdown among members in advance of a December 13 to 18 trade ministerial meeting

A Trade Facilitation DDA Report

24 November, 2005
Doha Development Agenda trade facilitation negotiations Chairman Muhamad Noor Yacob called for intensifying talks in the post-Hong Kong phase by pursuing text-based negotiations clarifying current rules relating to developing countries

EU says sugar reform deal strengthens hand in WTO talks

24 November, 2005
The European Union agreed on a major overhaul of its sugar subsidy program Thursday, cutting prices by 36 percent in a landmark deal that the EU said would strengthen its hand in upcoming world trade talks.

Mr. Mandelson's Demands

23 November, 2005
European Union trade commissioner Peter Mandelson yesterday issued a stern warning to 'some' trade partners to enter into real negotiations with Brussels instead of making unrealistic demands and hiding behind criticism of the EU

Only a Few Reap the Benefits of Growth in Agriculture

20 November, 2005
Latin America and the Caribbean are demanding that the world's rich countries dismantle their protectionist systems of farm subsidies as they seek to sustain and expand on the success enjoyed by farm exports in the region, which have, however, failed to provide significant benefits for the broader population.

Agriculture is the engine of the negotiations, stresses G20

18 November, 2005
Agriculture lies at the centre of the Doha Round and is the engine of the negotiations, the Group of 20 developing countries stressed on 9 November in a Ministerial press statement.

EU to make new offer on cotton in WTO talks

17 November, 2005
The European Union is poised to make a new offer to poor countries on reducing subsidies to EU cotton growers and lowering barriers to the EU market ahead of a key WTO meeting in December, the European Commission said.

Taiwan Premier Vows to Protect Farming Interests in Wto Meeting

15 November, 2005
Taiwan farmers' interests must be protected and this will be the top priority of a national delegation taking part in a World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha round ministerial-level meeting next month in Hong Kong, Premier Frank Hsieh said Tuesday.

EU Standing Pat in London

7 November, 2005
European Union trade commissioner Peter Mandelson yesterday assured the EU Council of Ministers that he will not table a new proposal on agricultural market access at the 'quad'plus ministerial meeting as demanded by the United States

Reactions to EU proposal range from 'disappointing' to 'unacceptable'

1 November, 2005
Initial reactions to the European Union's 28 October proposal on agriculture have been mainly unfavourable, with some countries calling it disappointing and others finding it unacceptable, for various reasons.

G33 submits proposal on Special Safeguard Mechanism

1 November, 2005
The Group of 33 developing countries in the WTO agriculture negotiations has submitted to the WTO a proposal on a special safeguard mechanism(SSM) for developing countries.

G33 raises concerns about SDT and Process

31 October, 2005
A letter from the G33 to the various Chair's of the negotiating groups, raising concerns that Special and Differential Treatment (SDT) is lacking in the negotiations and reaffirming the importance of an inclusive and transparent process in the negotiations.

Chirac signals France would block trade talks

27 October, 2005
President Jacques Chirac of France broke with the rest of the Union and said he was prepared to block world trade talks. Chirac's intervention came as the European Commission was due Friday to make a new offer to break the deadlock on world trade negotiations.

Agriculture: 'Agreement needed by 31 October or no Hong Kong deal'

26 October, 2005
The Chair of the WTO agriculture negotiations, Ambassador Crawford Falconer of New Zealand, has warned members that 'material convergence', particularly on market access, was needed by 31 October, otherwise he would have to report that objectives for the Hong Kong Ministerial cannot be met.

Chirac will block Doha before cuts in farm aid

26 October, 2005
Mr Chirac used the Hampton Court summit to fire a warning shot across the bows of Peter Mandelson, EU trade commissioner, who will today present a new European offer on agriculture to help break the deadlock in the Doha world trade talks.

Agriculture: ACP Group proposes lower tariff cuts for developing countries

25 October, 2005
The African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of countries in the WTO on Friday 21 October submitted a proposal on market access inagriculture, with its own set of thresholds in the tariff reduction formula for developed and developing countries, and with suggested tariff reduction rates for developing countries.

New agriculture proposals by G20 and Australia

24 October, 2005
Links to several G20 papers on elements of the agriculture negotiations plus a proposal by Australia on Sensitive Products