US wins WTO backing in war with Europe over GM food

7 February, 2006

WTO Ruling Backs Biotech Crops; European Ban, Challenged by U.S and Allies, Violates Trade Regulations, Panel Says

7 February, 2006
The World Trade Organization ruled yesterday that a six-year European ban on genetically engineered crops violates international trade rules, according to U.S. sources familiar with the ruling.

US may press Africa on GMOs

7 February, 2006
The U.S. may push Africa to accept gene-altered (GMO) food now that the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled the EU broke rules by barring GMO foods and seeds, but Africans vowed on Wednesday to resist.

Biotech industry hails WTO ruling, greens annoyed

6 February, 2006
Biotech industry groups hailed a world trade ruling on Tuesday that condemned the European Union over its policy on genetically modified (GMO) crops and foods, while green groups blasted it as a direct attack on democracy.

Food ruling will keep WTO in activists? sights

6 February, 2006
When scores of activists dressed as turtles appeared on the streets of Seattle during the disastrous World Trade Organisation meeting in 1999, it became clear that the WTO had inadvertently backed into the gunsights of environmental campaigners.

WTO Rules Against EU's Biotech-Seed Rules, People Say (Update1)

6 February, 2006
The World Trade Organization ruled against the European Union in a dispute over genetically engineered crops from companies such as Monsanto Co., people familiar with the ruling said, aiding U.S. efforts to limit worldwide regulation of the technology.

UPDATE 2-WTO condemns EU over GMO moratorium - diplomats

6 February, 2006
The World Trade Organisation, in a closely watched ruling, decreed on Tuesday that the European Union and six member states had broken trade rules by barring entry to genetically modified crops and foods.

EU Response to USTR paper

31 January, 2006
Link to an EU Response to the recent USTR Paper examining the implications of the EU offer on agriculture market access

G10 Proposals on Agriculture: Domestic Support and Sensitive Products

30 January, 2006
Links to proposals on Domestic Support and the Treatment of Sensitive Products.

WTO delays ruling in GMO dispute until next week

29 January, 2006
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has again delayed a ruling, due on Wednesday, in a closely watched dispute over the European Union's policy on genetically modified foods and crops (GMO).

EU signals to member states no new WTO farm offer imminent

19 January, 2006
In advance of a major speech on the Doha round by European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson, the top EU official in Geneva this week told member states the that EU has no plans to put forward a new offer to reduce its farm tariffs.

EU prepares for bruising WTO ruling in biotech case

17 January, 2006
Europe may suffer a bruising next month when a world trade panel delivers its long-awaited verdict on whether the EU's six-year blockade on biotech crops and foods was tantamount to a protectionist trade barrier.

Japan govt says determined to protect farmers from free trade

16 January, 2006
Japan plans to resist pressure from major food exporting nations such as the United States to reduce protection for its farmers in global trade talks, its agriculture minister said.

Farm groups disappointed with Hong Kong, wary of new Farm Bill

5 January, 2006
U.S. farm groups disappointed with the result of the Hong Kong ministerial say they will oppose a future Doha round deal and reduced subsidies in a new farm bill unless a multilateral deal produces real market access gains, particularly in developing countries.

WTO again delays ruling in row over EU GMO policy

3 January, 2006
A world trade ruling in a high-stakes row between the European Union and the United States and others over genetically modified crops has been delayed and is unlikely before February, trade diplomats said on Wednesday

Kenya seeks curbs on farm subsidies

7 December, 2005
Kenya has renewed its call for a reduction of domestic subsidies on agriculture in developed countries that have restricted access of exports to their markets. The other area of concern for Kenya is the elimination of subsidies to support exports that compete unfavourably with those from developing countries.

INTERVIEW-Congress may reject WTO duty-free farm plan

5 December, 2005
The U.S. Congress would probably reject a proposed deal by global trade ministers to give duty-free access to the world's poorest nations if the plan does not also open new markets for American farmers

Local onions, garlic, vegetables becoming rare under WTO

4 December, 2005
media release: The vegetables Filipinos consume may soon come only from Taiwan, mainland China, or the US rather than the Cordilleras or Ilocos as vegetable imports continue to push out local produce from the domestic market, according to independent think-tank IBON Foundation.

Honduras and Panama file complaint with WTO concerning new EU customs duty on bananas

30 November, 2005
On 30 November, Honduras and Panama filed a complaint with the WTO against the new customs duty imposed by the EU on banana imports from 1 January 2006

Mandelson: 'I don't believe in a free market in agriculture'

29 November, 2005
European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said yesterday the EU wasn't prepared to accept 'extravagant demands' from trade partners who want further tariff reductions before a world trade summit next month